We invite you to join our Jedi academy and help us defeat the evil Darth Tannin and bring balance to the Force of winemaking. Search your feelings. Is this something you will be committed to? Once you’ve made a commitment to the Jedi Order of the Wine Republic, it’s a commitment not easily broken.

- John Jordan

  • We need to see your identification. Leave the mind tricks at the door.
  • We accept students regardless of Midi-chlorian counts. 
  • It's ok if you're too short to be a stormtrooper...we've got you covered.

Coming Summer 2015

The Academy

With nearly 1,200 acres of land, Jordan Estate offers an ideal location to master the Jedi Arts. Golden hills and lakes will be used for pod-racing and a Dagobah system obstacle course. A Jedi temple, flight simulator and Death Star “Tower of Tannin” complete the Academy’s training grounds.


the force


Tower of Tannin Architects Drawing.

Construction begins May 4, 2014.